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Startup / Angel Investor

All entrepreneurs know that is quite challenging and expensive to start your own business. In addition to all the business topics you need to handle, you also need to have a strategy for your technology. Nowadays technology is a key factor for most successful business, and extremely critical for startups. Not only offer we a beneficial solution for startups, we also lower the burden by offering to participate as an angle investor.

Startup: Imagine a team of Norwegian and foreign resources to help Startup companies with technology development at affordable expenses. Glace provides high competence at low cost, enabling the Startup to conduct speedy development without ruining themself.

Angle Investor: Glace can also participate as an angel investor. Instead of raising all the money to pay for our development, we are always interested in converting some of the expenses into shares of your business. If you want, we shall not only deliver services, we shall be a constructive partner in your development of your solution and business.