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External Employees

As an alternative to short term expensive consultants, Glace Tech offers skilled professionals as your External Employees for long term at low cost.


It’s not always easy to find the person that can fill the needs of your team. Consultants have the advantage of being able to land on their feet, but will leave for the next project, taking their built-up knowledge with them. They are readily available, as long as you pay.

Employees have the advantage of being employed, so you can count on them for long periods of time. It can, however, be hard to find the person.


At Glace, we found another solution to the problem, which has worked well for us. As we could not find skilled professional at a reasonable rate, as an experiment, we started employing people in Zimbabwe. Our reasoning was that they live in the same time zone, they speak excellent English and have gone through a school system that rivals a lot of schools in Europe. The people are there, but the work is missing due to Zimbabwe's troubled economy. Zimbabwe’s loss became our gain.


Having navigated these waters for some years, we feel confident in expanding this beyond our own needs, and so wish to offer this to the Norwegian market. We call it "External Employees", where we are somewhere in between outsourcing and a recruitment bureau. We find the right person, free of charge. We handle the financials, the equipment, and the work environment. In return, you get a new, dedicated, co-worker that sort of has a permanent home office for a low monthly fee.


This has worked great for us and some of our clients have tried the solution, and we are confident it will work great for many more. Contact us and we will elaborate further and find out if we can meet your requirements.